Best SEO Consultant

Picking the Best SEO Consultant is a crucial decision. It could spell the difference between a website that generates plenty of traffic from a local market to one that generates tons of traffic solely from a global audience. Best SEO Consultant services are offered by a team of Ravi Chauhan who have years of experience in providing search engine optimization help to clients. A good SEO Consultant will be able to provide his or her clients with a comprehensive SEO plan that not only covers website optimization efforts but also develops a client’s online identity and credibility.

Best SEO Consultant

Pricing for SEO services greatly varies according to the service, project scope and contract tie-up. The best SEO consultant providers usually range from $2,500 up to $12,500 a month. A good SEO agency should allocate at least 12-20 percent of its overall revenue to organic marketing. Most consultants and agencies use pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, blogging and video marketing to generate traffic to websites. SEO consultants must be knowledgeable about the major search engines, so they can recommend changes to improve rankings.

SEO agencies and consultants offer a comprehensive analysis and research on various factors that contribute to search engine optimization. This includes link building strategies, link popularity, competitor analysis, content optimization, meta tags, site maps, site competitiveness and directory submissions. Complete analytical reports are normally sent to the client once a year. SEO companies usually offer additional services such as link-building campaigns, content submissions, blog audits and directory submissions.

A comprehensive consultancy service should also include competitor analysis and research to determine which keywords are bringing in the most traffic. Keywords analysis is important for competitive positioning. Competitors should be researched on both search engine optimization terms and key phrases used in competitor campaigns. The aim of competitor analysis is to identify new keywords that are likely to replace the current ones in order to achieve higher rankings. SEO companies usually offer link building campaigns for this purpose.

In addition, a consultant can improve visibility of existing webpages by optimizing internal structures such as URL structure, Meta tags, page titles and descriptions. Visibility improvements can also be achieved by improving listings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing searches. Moreover, internal link building can significantly increase traffic, especially if these links are internal only. Other types of consultant engagements include improving site usability, helping users find what they need, helping the user community manage content and help improve accessibility.

When consulting optimization, it is important for a consultant to provide regular updates to the client. Updates should be based on recent algorithm changes to achieve the most beneficial results. A good SEO firm should also monitor and analyze competitors to determine how they are improving rankings and whether new strategies are necessary. Furthermore, any consultants providing their services to a client should be able to offer references that can confirm previous work done for them. These are important qualities in a search engine optimization consultant that one would want to consider when hiring a consultant for business purposes.